Dow Jones (INDU) forecasting the rally & buying the dips


Hello fellow traders. Here's a short capture from the Strategy of the Week video 10/16 2016 held by EWF Senior Analyst Daud Bhatti. Daud presented Elliott Wave count of Dow Jones Industrial Average and explained the swings structure. The Index was having incomplete bullish swings structure in the cycle from the January 21st low. Our Elliott Wave Forecast suggested further rally once (X) blue pull back completes as double three structure. In shorter term INDU was correcting the rally from the … [Read more...]

SI_F (Silver) Elliott Wave Forecast 12.19.2016

SI_F Elliott Wave Analysis 12.20.2016

SI_F (Silver) is showing an incomplete Elliott Wave sequence from 11.9.2016 peak. There are 5 swings down from 11.9.2016 peak which makes short-term sequence bearish against 12.7.2016 (17.25) peak. Decline from 18.99 - 16.14 was a 3 wave move labelled wave W followed by a 3 wave bounce to 17.25 that completed wave X. Down from 17.25 peak, we have already seen 7 swings lower to 15.85 but we have not yet reached 0.618 Fibonacci extension of wave W-X so while below 16.26, SI_F (Silver) has scope to … [Read more...]

Exxon Mobil ( XOM ) Short Term Technical Analysis

XOM 12.14 Weekly Chart

Exxon Mobil Presentation & News Exxon Mobil Corporation the largest of the world's super-majors Oil and Gas companies , it's also the 8th largest company by revenue and 5th largest publicly traded company by market capitalization . The Corporation was formed on November 30, 1999 by the merger of Exxon (formerly Standard Oil Company of New Jersey) and Mobil (formerly the Standard Oil Company of New York). Yesterday Exxon Mobil shares was gaining after Donald Trump announced his decision … [Read more...]

Forecasting the rally in DAX Index

DAX Daily 10.8.2016

In this technical blog, we will take a look at some charts of DAX Stock Index presented to clients of over the last few weeks. For the last few months EWF members knew that Global Indices had been in a bullish cycle and it offered some nice buying opportunities in the dips in 3, 7 or 11 swings because following this technique, even if the trend doesn't resume, we mostly get a 3 wave bounce at least which allows clients to get into a risk free position. Now let’s take a … [Read more...]

ES #F Elliott Wave Forecasting the Rally from 2080-2023

Elliott Wave ES#F

The Video below is a short capture from the Plus Daily Technical Video held on October 26th by Hendra Lau. Hendra counted the short term swings and explained our Elliott Wave forecast of ES #F We expected wave (X) blue to make double three against the 1981.58 low.  At that time the price of ES #F still hadn't broken below the 09/12 low. However we knew it will probably make double three as SPX was showing 5 swings in the cycle from the same 08/23 peak, suggesting another swing down in futures … [Read more...]

Forecasting US Dollar through EURAUD into FOMC

FOMC Rate Decision

FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will declare outcome of this month's meeting on Wednesday and the market is expecting a rate hike by the FED and consequently, dollar would be expected to get strong. We, at, we base our trades on the technicals and not on the fundamentals or FOMC. The market itself, like everything in nature has a natural way to move in which the market will either follow a corrective or an impulsive sequence. The Elliott Wave is the only technique … [Read more...]