Many traders overlook the process of selecting the right instruments to trade. Trading is a process which requires a lot of discipline and a good technique to be consistently profitable. Selection is one of the aspects which can define the life of a trader because without the right selection process, most traders are going to […]

  • Elliott Wave Theory Structure : A Double Three Combination

    Double three structures are common occurrences in the market and as it has been pointed out before they can also be the Elliott wave formation that a particular market instrument is trending within the larger degrees and time frames. As pointed out here before, it is simply impossible in some markets to get a legitimate […]

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  • Trend Trading with Elliott Wave

     The first thing needed to be accepted in a traders mind is by itself, Elliott Wave as a trading method is not enough. There are always several “valid” Elliott Wave counts. As we know, some markets as shown here at our site for quite a while have been proven to “trend” in 3, 7 or […]

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  • The importance of a Trading Journal

    One of the best practices when it comes to trading is to have a trading journal. Think of a trading journal as your battle plan / strategy. Traders should spend time to analyze the market ideally during the quiet period, such as the Asian session and plan trades for the coming session. When I get to know new traders and […]

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  • Elliott wave: The probability behind trading

    Elliott wave is a pattern-based forecasting tool. The Theory was developed in 1930 and it is known for the idea that the Market advances in 5 waves and pullback in 3 waves. The Theory explains that the trend is always in 5 waves, and the trader needs to buy/sell against the beginning of wave 1 to make […]

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  • $GBPJPY Live Trading Room Setup from 8/18

    We issued a buy order for $GBPJPY on Aug 18 Live Trading Room and got filled on Aug 19 at 130.97. We took profit on Aug 24 at 132.6 for a +163 pips profit. Here’s the trade setup at 8/18 Live Trading Room Journal. Each day in Live Trading Room, members attending the session will receive a similar journal like the […]

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  • What bullish trap looks like (explained through $USDCAD example)

    Hello fellow traders. In this technical blog we’re going to present you another example of Elliottwave Expanded Flat structure. On the 4th August, $USDCAD broke the 1.3000 low and the day after  gave us very sharp rally of approximately 180 pips, breaking the previous high at 1.31475. Most of the traders would characterized this price […]

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