$GBPJPY Live Trading Room Setup from 8/18

We issued a buy order for $GBPJPY on Aug 18 Live Trading Room and got filled on Aug 19 at 130.97. We took profit on Aug 24 at 132.6 for a +163 pips profit. Here’s the trade setup at 8/18 Live Trading Room Journal. Each day in Live Trading Room, members attending the session will receive a similar journal like the one below for 26 instrument we cover:



The short clip below from our Live Trading Room on August 19 provides the setup for $GBPJPY long trade. We have a solid system to minimize the risk and protect position when trade is going our way. Check out Live Trading Room daily starting at 7:00 AM EST / 11 AM GMT. Click here –> Live Trading Room for more information. You can also try Live Trading Room FREE here –> 14 days trial

$GBPJPY Live Trading Room – Live Trading 8/19/2016


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