$USDCAD: Elliott Wave Analysis & Turn Lower

For the whole month of May we been telling our members to SELL the rallies for USDCAD as that is what our preferred Elliott Wave Analysis was calling for. When June came along our view did not change. We continued telling our members to only look to sell USDCAD based on the idea of Elliottwave FLAT structure with equal legs coming @ 1.0950. We never advise our members to go against the trend. We always advise our members to flow with the trend. Let’s take a look at some charts from members area to see how the move unfolded

USDCAD June 3/2014



USDCAD June 6/2014



USDCAD June 10/2014



USDCAD June 13/2014



USDCAD June 17/2014



USDCAD June 18/2014



USDCAD June 20/2014



USDCAD June 25/2014



USDCAD June 28/2014



Did you know what USDCAD was going to do? If you had access to our Elliott Wave service and these charts would you then know what to do? At EWF we update our 4H charts everyday and our 1H charts 4 times a day so our members are always in the loop for the next move. If you want to know what USDCAD is going to do next then try us for 14 days. Experience EWF.

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