$EURUSD Live Trading Room – US Unemployment Live Trading

Here is a quick blog from our Live Trading Room host, Dan Hussey. Take a look at how to manage your risk by using inflection zones and Elliot Wave to your advantage. The Live Trading Room is held daily at 8:00 AM  EST , join Dan there for more insight into these proven methods of trading.

Inflection zones are usually the reason a market moves between levels during news events.  We look for news to simply ACCELERATE the market between inflection zones, to inflection zone targets, or into inflection zone entries.  News itself presents no bias or trade setup based off its outcome.  In the case of the EUR/USD, the US Unemployment news from today is a prime example of this principle. During, and after this event, the market accelerated into inflection zone entries, and the LTR was presented with two unique trading opportunities… IN REAL TIME!

EUR/USD Live Trading Room – Live Trading 5/26/2016 

This video is a highlight from the Live Trading Room (the daily recap for subscribers). We utilize Elliot Wave in conjunction with technical’s to provide the best Elliot Wave Analysis of the markets. Remember, trading isn’t about how much you make, or being right, its about managing risk.  Inflection zones have a high probability to trade from their ENTRY areas to their T1 (first target). We exploit this statistical advantage by using Elliot Wave and inflection zones to manage our risk, while looking for setups in the direction that the EWF charts suggest. Join us daily from 8:00 AM EST!