$GOLD (XAU/USD) Elliott Waves Forecasting the decline

At the beginning of September our Elliott Wave analysis of GOLD (XAU/USD) suggested that we were still in bearish cycle from the 1169.9 high. The price was about to complete (X) recovery and were expecting more downside toward new lows below the 1117.47 level. First target came at 0.618-0.764 (W)-(X) at 1114.8-1107.05.

Let’s take a quick look at H1 Elliott Wave charts from the 01. September 2015 to see how we were guiding our members through the $GOLD (XAU/USD) price structure.

$GOLD (XAU/USD) H1 NY Update 9.1.2015 Elliott wave Chart suggests wave (X) recovery is about to complete. Another marginal push is possible toward equal legs area 1149.42 ( potential sell zone) before the decline takes place.

Gold 1 September NY


$GOLD (XAU/USD)H1 NY Update 9.2.2015 Although GOLD missed equal legs area at 1149.42 (by a few points) our system suggested the (X) recovery ended at 1147.7. While below mentioned high, next technical area comes at 0.618-0.764 (W)-(X) at 1114.8-1107.05.

Gold 2 September NY


$GOLD (XAU/USD) H1 NY Update 9.8.2015 The price made new low as expected but 0.618-0.764 fib extension area still hasn’t been reached. Current view suggests we’re in short term bounce- x which should ideally complete at 1124.6-1128.3 area. Once x recovery is done , more downside should follow.

Gold 8 September NY


$GOLD (XAU/USD) H1 NY Midday Update 9.9.2015 Wave x recovery ended at 1126.6 and we got more downside as expected.


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