NASDAQ Composite: Elliott Waves calling higher

COMPQ-240-1-25 edited

in this technical blog, we are going to take a quick look at past performance of NASDAQ Composite charts from January 2017, which we presented to the clients at Below is the 4 hour chart from January 18,2017, showing the sequence of higher highs in the index from November 04,2016 lows. Also if we count the swing sequence, we can clearly see that the price action from November lows looks to be in 9 swings or 5 swing sequence, which needed some more upside to reach the … [Read more...]

$INTL INTL Fcstone Inc Daily Elliott Wave Analysis

INTL Daily Elliott Wave Analysis

This is a daily Elliott Wave analysis of the aforementioned company. Firstly I will mention some of the company's past history and merger. INTL Fcstone Inc is a Fortune 500 financial services industry firm listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The company has offices worldwide and is headquartered in New York City, NY in the United States of America. This company was founded in 1978 and was known as the Farmers Commodities Corporation until 2002. The company went public with a stock offering in 2007. … [Read more...]

Aftermath of December US Non-farm payrolls

GBPUSD 5 Jan 1 Hour Mid-day NY

Last Friday, US added 156,000 job numbers in December Non-farm payrolls followed by a 204,000 rise in November previously, which was bigger than estimated. Whereas the Median forecast for December Non-farm payrolls was estimated at 175,000 jobs. The jobless rate marked up to 4.7 percent as the labor force grew. And wages rose 2.9 percent from December 2015, thus helped US Dollar & Indices to rally, significantly pushing SPX & NASDAQ to new all-time highs. Average hourly earnings advanced … [Read more...]

Amazon (AMZN) Short Term Correction


AMAZON Amazon is one of the fewest company that kept a strong portfolio during the recent decades even after 2 stock market crises . The company issued its initial public offering of stock on 1997, trading under the NASDAQ stock exchange symbol AMZN, at a price of $1.50 per share and since then the price just kept rising year over year providing the best return for its investors . After almost 20 years , Amazon is still rising and making new all time highs . Recently on the 6th of last … [Read more...]

Microsoft Weekly and Daily Elliott Wave Analysis $MSFT

Microsoft Weekly and Daily Elliott Wave Analysis $MSFT

Microsoft Corporation is of course a very well known organization and has it's large capitalization stock MSFT listed on the Nasdaq and is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 as well as the Nasdaq 100. In March 1986 the initial public offering price was $21.00 per share.  After many stock splits over the years each original share would now be 288 shares. After price has now been adjusted for splits reflected on the chart, this brings the original issue price to 9.7 … [Read more...]

Technical outlook for BJRI stock


BJRI   The California chain BJ's Restaurants was founded in 1978 and went public in 1996 by raising $9.4 million . In 2010 , the National Retail Federation named it as one of the 10 fastest growing restaurants in the U.S. based on year-over-year sales as it keeps expanding by adding new locations and offering new services. Technical analysis of BJRI is showing that the stock is still in a corrective mod since making the 2011 peak $56.64 , it already bounced from 50%-61.8% … [Read more...]