DJIA Elliott Wave View: Marching higher

$ INDU 6020170220211613

Short term Elliott wave view in DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) suggests that the rally from 1/19 low is unfolding as a 5 waves Elliott wave impulse structure where Minute wave ((i)) ended at 20125.28, Minute wave ((ii)) ended at 19784.7, and Minute wave ((iii)) remains in progress. Internal of wave ((iii)) shows an extension and subdivided also as an impulse structure where Minuette wave (i) ended at 20155.3, Minuette wave (ii) ended at 20015.3, Minuette wave (iii) ended at 20639.8 and … [Read more...]

Dow Jones (INDU) forecasting the rally & buying the dips


Hello fellow traders. Here's a short capture from the Strategy of the Week video 10/16 2016 held by EWF Senior Analyst Daud Bhatti. Daud presented Elliott Wave count of Dow Jones Industrial Average and explained the swings structure. The Index was having incomplete bullish swings structure in the cycle from the January 21st low. Our Elliott Wave Forecast suggested further rally once (X) blue pull back completes as double three structure. In shorter term INDU was correcting the rally from the … [Read more...]

IYR ( U.S. Real Estate ETF ) short term bounce

IYR 10 21

IYR is the iShares Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate ETF that tracks a market-cap-weighted index of US real estate equities listed on the major US exchanges giving an exposure to U.S. real estate companies and REITs , which invest in real estate directly and trade like stocks . After ending a cycle on 7/29/2016 ( 85.80 ) , IYR started correcting the cycle from February low showing 5 swing incomplete bearish sequence calling for one more swing lower after the small pullback in the 6th swing to … [Read more...]