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As Humans, we tend to form a worldview about everything. For generations, many great individuals have fought wars and lost lives because they have a firm belief in a particular worldview. The same thing can be applied in trading. In the world of trading, we too tend to have particular view about the direction of the market. However, as […]

  • SPX Short-term Elliott Wave Analysis 12.11.2014

    SPX Short-term Elliott Wave Analysis 12.11.2014

    Preferred Elliott Wave view suggests Index has ended a cycle at least from Mid-October low and perhaps a larger daily cycle as well. Initial decline from the highs was in 3 waves that we have labelled as wave (( w )) and ended at 2034. After that we saw a sharp recovery to 2060 followed […]

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  • SPX Short-Term Elliott Wave Analysis 12.9.2014

    SPX Short-Term Elliott Wave Analysis 12.9.2014

    SPX500 cycle from Mid-October low is mature and expected to end soon. Index has met minimum requirements of the structure which makes it even more vulnerable but we don’t like to pick tops or bottoms in Elliottwave-Forecast and the fact that Index provided divergence in RSI with the new low we saw today, we still […]

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  • $TNX (10 year yields) 1 Hour Elliott Wave Analysis

    $TNX (10 year yields) 1 Hour Elliott Wave Analysis

    Preferred view suggests a cycle from 7.25.2012 has ended and 10 year yields are correcting the entire cycle now. Expect a test of 2.634 – 2.687% to complete 7 swings lower in wave “W” then we expect a bounce in wave X toward 2.90 before resumption of  the decline. We don’t like buying yields in […]

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  • $TNX (10 year note yields) 11.12.2013

    $TNX (10 year note yields) 11.12.2013

    Recent push up has erased the divergence in RSI favouring the idea of a 7 swing move. Expect a corrective pull back followed by more strength toward 2.85 – 2.88% to complete wave ( X ) before 10 year note yields turn lower again into a double correction.

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  • $TNX (10 yr yield)

    $TNX (10 yr yield)

    Expect 61.8 fib (2.096) to hold for another leg higher toward 2.36 to complete wave ( B ) before yields turn lower again. View is valid while price stays above 2.00%

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