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  • Elliott Wave Structure explained
  • Sequence of waves / swings
  • Real world examples
  • Tips for real world applicatons
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DATE: 21 SEPTEMBER 2013 TIME: 11:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM UK Time

There is a reason why many give up on Elliott wave theory. Elliott wave analysis is not just about 1-2-3-4-5 – a – b -c . It’s rather easy to spot or count an impulsive wave structure but majority of markets in the real world don’t move in a sequence of 5 and 3 waves and rather move in a series of 3 waves. This is where things get complex and is critical for a good waver to not only learn about different Elliott wave structures but be able to spot and forecast them on live charts. This seminar will explain all different types of Elliott wave structures including complex and the most complex ones and with practice you would become good at labeling complex corrections. When corrections get complex, counting waves become very difficult so we count the number of swings in wave structures to determine the wave structure and to differentiate corrective waves from impulsive waves. You would be amazed at how simple Elliott wave analysis becomes once you have learned to properly count the number of swings. For example, an impulse wave with one of the waves extended (usually wave 3) should have 9 swings in total. If 2 of the waves in an impulse are extended, then there needs to be 13 swings for the structure to complete. If you knew the swing sequence for all the different wave structures (impulsive or corrective), then you can filter out wrong wave counts as in you would not label an impulse with 11 swings as you know that’s not the right swing count for an impulse wave.


The educational seminar was very good in my opinion. The seminar was well organized and the communication was very understandable. This seminar was the perfect addition and a completion to the 18H class.Now I feel like I understand how you count swings and how and where you start your swing counts. It finally makes sense to me how the cycles are the most important thing and after that comes the sequences, swing counts and everything else. The cyces allow you to correlate the market.

With this knowledge I can more skilfully practise my skills from your charts and seminars, because now I better understand what and most important why you are thinking something in a given situation. This seminar was 1 of those aha moments and I feel like I finally understand how the different tools and methods in your system work together.

In this business and I can also see in your clients many people come and go, wishing to make millions in six months.Some of us understand that you actually have to be good at this to make this your profession and not just a hobby.

A sincere thank you for giving those of us that want to learn the education and guidence to become like you say educated and skillfull traders.

Pekka Turpela

I attended the sequences webinar over the weekend but only got to see up to the break as i got called out. What I did see was good though especially hammering home the point that you CAN tell the difference between a C wave and a wave 3!! so thanks for that!!I look forward to viewing the rest of the webinar at some time though and then reviewing the whole thing as it is valuable.

Martin Woodcock

Very informative and a new way to look to the market very helpful way to trade and I very interested in it and I like it alot Hope we got another one in the future thanks to EWF team. You guys rock!                                          Hasan Abdal