Watch our analyst on your screen taking trades and interacting with you for 1 hour of pure trading action from 7 AM EST / 11 AM GMT – 8 AM EST / 12 AM GMT. Do you want to know how to execute a trade plan using Elliottwave and our technique of 3, 7, and 11 swing? Watch our technique in action live. The Live Trading Room is designed to be used in conjunction with Elliot Wave Forecast’s analysis, to give you more insight into the technicals behind the charts, so that you may better develop a trading plan and manage your risk.  If you have ever asked yourself, “what is the trading setup”, then the Live Trading Room is for you!

What is Live Trading Room?

Screen sharing session using GotoWebinar in which our analyst bridges the gap between Elliot Wave and Technical Analysis. Everyday we will take the initial groundwork for you and scan the market for potential trades in commodities, forex, and indices. Then we will present the best ideas and explain it in the webinar and you will also receive a handout with the trade ideas.

What time is the room open?

Live Trading Room runs from 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM EST.

Who is it suitable for?

Live Trading Room is suitable for all types of traders. Short-term and swing traders alike. It’s good to be active and get a piece of the market every day even if you are a swing trader

How much does it cost?

Free if you are Platinum or Platinum Plus member

$49.99 per month as an add-on for non Platinum member

How can I subscribe for it?


Platinum and Platinum Plus Members have access to the Live Trading Room through their current subscription

Non-Platinum Members may purchase the Live Trading Room Add-on for only $49.99 per month


Subscribe to either Platinum or Platinum Plus plan to gain access to Live Trading Room

If you decide to subscribe a plan below the Platinum plan, you can still purchase the Live Trading Room Add-on for only $49.99 per month


Trading is not an easy job, you need someone to keep you on right side of the market!


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