GBPUSD: Anticipating the Bounce for a Swing Move Higher

At EWF we are not just a market forecasting service, we also try to guide our clients to trade on the right side of the markets. And if our 24 hour chatroom, technical and trade setup videos, live analysis sessions, live trading room, educational videos and market reports are not enough enough, we also added Green Boxes(Buy area) and Red Boxes(Sell area) to our charts. These Green/Red boxes are areas where we expect a high probability trade can happen and it makes it simpler for our clients to know what area we prefer them to enter the buy or sell trade.

Below you will clearly see how our members were informed to buy GBPUSD and at what levels to enter the trade.

On August 29/2015 we posted this GBPUSD 4 hour scenario, for our members, in our Elliott Wave Trade Setup section and our 4 hour chart section. We advised members to watch and wait to BUY (Long) GBPUSD in the 1.5214 – 1.5071 GREEN BOX buying area.

*NOTE: Original was a video not a chart in the Elliott Wave Trade Setup section*

GBPUSD-24020150829150941-1024x517 aug29

GBPUSD found a bottom on September 4/2015 at the 1.5165 area and reversed/bounced higher as expected. First target for the Buy (Long) trade was 1.5490.

If any of our clients missed the buy entry we proposed a 2nd entry, using the 1 hour chart, on September 15/2015 to buy in the 1.5353 – 1.5288 area.

GBPUSD-6020150915132730-Sept 15

GBPUSD bounced again in the 1.5330 area as expected and when it broke above the September 10/2015  high (1.5475) we proposed a new target for our clients. During our New York live session we advised clients to take profits at the equal legs at 1.5640. You can also see the recording of the live session here >

GBPUSD September 16/2015 4 hour chart showing new target for 1.5640

GBPUSD-24020150916155329-1024x517 sept 16

1.5640 Target was reached on September 18/2015 and our clients closed the Buy (Long) trade for over approximately +400 pips.

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