$GBPNZD Live Trading Room Setup from 8/5

Here is a short clip from our Live Trading Room on August 5. Take a look at how we manage the trade and risk by using inflection zones and Elliot Wave to your advantage. The Live Trading Room is held daily at 7:00 AM EST , join us there for more insight into these proven methods of trading. Click here –> Live Trading Room for more information about it

We explained the $GBPNZD short setup on Aug 5 in Live Trading Room, and got filled on Aug 8 at 1.8407. We closed the trade on August 11 at the minimum target of 1.8015 for +392 pips. Here’s the trade setup on 8/5 Live Trading Room Journal

GBPNZD Trade Setup

Below is a highlight of the trade call from last week’s Live Trading Room.

$GBPNZD Live Trading Room – Live Trading 8/5/2016


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