Many traders overlook the process of selecting the right instruments to trade. Trading is a process which requires a lot of discipline and a good technique to be consistently profitable. Selection is one of the aspects which can define the life of a trader because without the right selection process, most traders are going to […]

  • Thumbnail Elliott Wave

    New Elliott Wave Theory: 5 wave impulse

    Elliott Wave Theory was discovered by Ralph Nelson Elliott in 1930’s. Elliott wave theory is a study of crowd psychology or human nature which has evolved since 1930’s. This means Elliott Wave Theory also needs to be adjusted to make accurate use of it, we have done exactly that and developed NEW Elliott Wave Theory […]

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  • Live Trading Room – Video Recap of SPX

    Here is the analysis from our Live Trading Room daily recap of the SPX from 2/7/14 through 2/14/14.  Take a look at how the 15 minute trend has played out off the lows, and kept us on the right side of the market. Market is dynamic, why not Sign up for 14 day Trial to stay […]

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  • $IBC-MAC Power of Green Zone

    Drop from 9951 – 9723 was a corrective 3 wave decline and stopped right in the middle of our green zone. (Recall Green Zone is the zone where we expect buyers to appear and traders can look for long positions). Buying has stopped the decline in the green zone so far. Let’s see what happened […]

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  • SPX showing a nice FLAT structure .

    The SPX  showing a nice Elliott wave FLAT corrective structure which runs as a 3-3-5 structure when a bounce should happen as far as the 15  divergence in the 15 minute chart remain.  

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  • European Indices Forecast (8.15.2013)

     It’s time to revisit $FTSE chart as we last looked at it on 8.1.2013 and establish that bulls had regain control as Index showed a 5 wave move up following a 5 wave decline which is a bullish setup. We expected Index to find resistance around 6743 and turn lower in 3 waves to complete […]

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  • $TASI update (9.12.2013)

    In our previous Elliott wave analysis of $TASI published on 8.27.2013, we were expecting a 3 wave pull back in the Index to complete wave “b” before rally resumed. Initial leg down was in 5 waves which we have labelled as wave (( A )) of correction. Following a recovery to 61.8 fib (8004), Index […]

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