GBPJPY Elliott Wave Bullish Triangle Scenarios

GBPJPY Triangle 1

GBPJPY Technical Analysis February 21/2017 - Triangle Idea Traders should remain bullish as long as GBPJPY stays above the 138.51 level. Below we will show three possible Elliott Wave triangle bullish patterns. GBPJPY has bounced higher since October 2016 and the possibility of the pair continuing higher will depend if we see a breakout on any of the Elliott Wave triangle patterns below. GBPJPY 4 hour Elliott Wave Bullish Symmetrical Triangle 1 : For the triangle scenario below price needs … [Read more...]

GBPJPY Bullish Trend Starting? Part 2

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GBPJPY Technical Analysis February 10/2017 To view GBPJPY Bullish Trend Starting? Part 1 published January 19/2017 click here > Part 1 GBPJPY 4 Hour Bullish Pattern : On the 4 hour chart we can see a Bullish Pattern (Red) triggered at the BC 0.50% Fib. retracement level where it has since bounced higher. A strong breakout and candle close above the 4 hour Supply/Demand trend line (Blue) can signal that the pair will continue higher. Traders should watch for this … [Read more...]

GBPJPY Bullish Trend Starting?

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GBPJPY Technical Analysis January 19/2017 GBPJPY 4 Hour Bullish Pattern : In the chart below a Bullish Pattern (Red) buy signal has already been triggered at the BC 0.50% Fib. level and price has since bounced higher. We are expecting for the pair to continue higher and break above the descending trend line signalling that a new cycle to the upside has begun and also signalling that the bearish cycle starting from December 15/2016 has possibly terminated. If a new upside trend has started it … [Read more...]

EURCAD Elliott Wave Plus Bearish Patterns

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*Forecast invalidated / Patterns invalidated* EURCAD Technical Analysis January 12/2017 EURCAD 1 hour Elliott Wave count can be calling for more downside and also there are two possible bearish patterns to match the bearish Elliott Wave count. As long as the pair stays below 1.4055 we can expect the pair to continue lower. Both the Elliott Wave and bearish patterns invalidate at 1.4055 and if the pair breaks above this invalidation level we can expect the pair to correct higher. As for now … [Read more...]

EURCAD Technical Analysis January 11 2017

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*Forecast invalidated / Patterns invalidated* EURCAD trend on the weekly and daily chart is bearish so traders should continue to look for selling opportunities and expect the pair to continue lower until a clear trend change shows that the down cycle is over. We at Elliott Wave Forecast always advise our members to always trade with the trend and not against it. Below we will show scenarios that follow this practice and possible scenarios where traders can act on and watch for selling … [Read more...]

AUDJPY Elliott Wave Count & Bullish Pattern?

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AUDJPY Technical Analysis: Elliott Wave count on the 1 hour chart calling for possible move higher together with a bullish pattern (blue) also calling for move higher. Both the Elliott Wave count and blue bullish pattern invalidates at the 83.71 level. As long as the pair stays above 83.71 we can expect it to extend higher. AUDJPY 1 Hour January 6/2017 Bullish Elliott Wave Count Elliott wave Analysis on the chart below shows pair completed a cycle from 83.71 low and then pull back in 3 … [Read more...]