What is elliottwave-forecast.com/?
Elliottwave-Forecast is a Forex-market forecasting and analytical firm. We provide subscriber-based content through the parent website, www.elliottwave-forecast.com/. (See ABOUT US tab on the home page for more information)

Why should I Subscribe?
Elliottwave-Forecast is prided in clear, actionable, up-to-date forecasting services. We strive to educate and direct our Subscribers using our knowledge of a very specific set of analytical tools and methodology (EWP & Inter-market correlations) Our analysts provide clear timely updated communication and guidance so our Subscribers are never “left in the dark” when risking their precious capital. Our approach is extremely conservative in nature. We view a life dedicated to trading the market as a marathon not a sprint. Still not convinced, sign up for 14 day Trial  and see for yourself.

Do you provide Trading Signals?
We provide Trading Signals in Live Trading Room. In addition, we provide trades with Entry, Invalidation and Target levels highlighted on the charts which can be found in Trade Setups section.

How many instruments you cover?
We cover 25 instruments

What Commodities you cover?
We cover S&P500 & Down Jones (USA), DAX (Germany), FTSE (UK), IBEX (Spain) and Nikkei (Japan)

Do you cover Forex Crosses?
We cover S&P500 & Down Jones (USA), DAX (Germany), FTSE (UK), IBEX (Spain) and Nikkei (Japan)

Do you cover Forex Crosses?

Do you cover Yen Pairs?

Will you be adding more instruments to the service?
We will be adding more instruments to the service in the future for which a separate subscription may be required. At this stage, we don’t plan to include any more Forex pairs and would rather focus on Commodities, Bonds and Indices.

Do you provide Educational / Training Tools?
We have a lot of Educational Videos in members area. Advanced Applications of Elliott Wave Principle recording (duration 18 hour) will enhance your understanding of Elliott Wave Theory and how we use it in our analysis. It costs $249.99 for non-members and $199.99 for members Elliott Wave Cycles & Sequence of waves (duration approximately 5 hours) will enhance your understanding of swing sequence of waves and improve your analysis / trading skills. It costs $99.99 and is only available to members.

What services do I get with each Subscription Plan?
See Subscriptions page here. If a service is not included in your plan, you can either upgrade or Add-on.

What does the Trial Plan include?
Trial Plan gives you access to our Premium Plus Plan for 14 days.

I like your service but I want to switch to a different plan after the Trial. How can I do this?
Please log on at http://www.elliottwave-forecast.com/amember/ with your username & password and there you would see the option to cancel the trial plan and add a new subscription. Alternatively, please send your request to support@elliottwave-forecast.com/

Can I cancel the Trail if I feel service is not suitable for me?
Yes, you can cancel the trial by cancelling recurring Paypal payments.

How can I cancel my Trial if I paid with a credit card?
Please send your cancellation request to support@elliottwave-forecast.com/ with your user ID. Please allow 1 full working day for your request to be processed.

I am a Standard Subscriber but I want access to 4 Hour Charts too. How can I do this?
If you don’t wish to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus plan, you have the option to Add-on different products like 4 Hour Charts, Technical Videos, Live Session etc to your subscription. Full details are available on the Products Page.

Have any other questions?
Please CHAT NOW to a representative.