Learn Elliott Wave

Duration: 18 Hours

Format: Downloadable Videos

Price: $249.99 ($199.99 for members)

There are many misconceptions surrounding Elliott Wave Theory and doubts as to if the theory actually works. This is due largely to the fact that the basics of Elliott Wave Principle are not clearly understood by most and further are often misinterpreted, this subsequently results in the majority of traders failing to successfully apply the theory to their trading. In this 3 day seminar recording, aimed at both beginners and active EW practitioners alike, we have focussed on:

Part 1:

  • Elliott Wave Principle
  • History of Elliott Wave Principle
  • Fibonacci numbers / ratios
  • Basic Elliott Wave Structures
Part 2:

  • Motive Waves
  • Zig Zags (abc)
  • Double Zig Zags & Double Three
  • Triple Zig Zags & Triple Three
  • Flats (Regular and Irregular)
  • Triangles

Part 3:

  • Unqiue part of the course
  • RSI – Upgrading and downgrading RSI
  • How the RSI helps with Elliott Wave Principle
  • Stochastics – RSI
  • How to see cycles within the RSI
  • Market Correlation

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Elliott Wave Structures & Swing Sequence

Duration: 4-5 hours

Fomat: Downloadable videos

Price: $99.99

This seminar aims to explain sequence of swings associated with different types of Elliott Wave Structures. After taking this course, you would be able to understand impulsive and corrective sequences and then apply this knowledge to your trading to improve the results. Knowing the right swing sequnce would keep you on the right side and you could avoid potential traps laid by the market every day. You would also be able to better understand the concept of buying / selling in 3, 7 or 11 swings in the direction of larger degree trend, a concept that we preach all the time and is another unique feature of Elliottwave-Forecast.Com

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Trading Execution Seminar

Duration: 5 hours

Format: Downloadable videos

Price: $149.99

You can give someone the best & most accurate analysis in this world and they could still lose money if they don’t know how to execute their trades and that’s why this Seminar is crucial for everyone suffering from bad execution techniques. Do you:

Let your losers run? Book profits early? Suffer from trading against the trend? Get stressed about your trades getting stopped out? Have trouble managing your trade when it gets filled? Think market is out to get you? Over-leverage your position?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should immediately click the purchase button. It’s an investment that could save you a lot of money.

You would learn to:

Execute trades based in Market Correlation, equal legs, cycles, swing trading, when it’s safe to take a counter trend position, defining risk on your trades, money and risk management, managing stop loss.

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