$HG_F (Copper) Live Trading Room – Trade Recap

Here is a short clip from our Live Trading Room at July 14. Take a look at how we manage the trade and risk by using inflection zones and Elliot Wave to your advantage. The Live Trading Room is held daily at 7:00 AM EST , join us there for more insight into these proven methods of trading.

With Copper showing 5 swing sequence from 6/9 low, we bought the short term dips in 3 swing for an average entry price of 2.2015 (which has since been filled) and now the position is risk free.

$HG_F Live Trading Room – Live Trading 7/14/2016

This video is a highlight from the Live Trading Room (the daily recap for subscribers). We utilize Elliot Wave in conjunction with technical’s to provide the best Elliot Wave Analysis of the markets. Join us daily from 7:00 AM EST!


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