FTSE calling the rally & buying the dips


The video below is a short capture from London Live Analysis session held on 09/30 by EWF Senior Analyst Daud Bhatti. Daud presented Elliott Wave count of FTSE, explaining the swing sequences and calling the short term x red pull back completed at 6769.9 low. The index was showing incomplete bullish Elliott Wave structure in the cycle from the 6641.4 low , suggesting for at least another leg up toward 6973-7030 area. Keep in mind that Market is dynamic and the view could have been changed so … [Read more...]

Daily Elliott Wave Technical Analysis for GLD


Gold is favored to have ended a larger corrective cycle lower back in December 2015 with the spot price low on 12/3 and this particular ETF commodity tracking instrument GLD on 12/17/2015 at 100.23. Since then a cycle higher in 3 swings as a wave ((W)) is favored complete on the 7/6/2016 highs at 131.15. Down from there the yellow metal has shown 3 swings lower to 124.55 at the 9/1 lows labeled as (W) in the graphic shown below. There is a possibility this proposed (X) bounce already has a high … [Read more...]

Daily Elliott Wave Technical Analysis for TLT


It has been a while since writing an Elliott Wave analysis piece on this instrument and I would like to start by mentioning this view from October 2015 here . Notice the date 6/26/2015  and lows at 114.88 which is shown there as a blue wave (X) . This current analysis shown below at the lower part of the page references this low as one degree larger ((X)) at the 6/26/2015 lows since subsequent price analysis suggests it is of one larger degree. Other than that the price action since the previous … [Read more...]

Elliott Wave Theory Structure : Double Three with a Contracting Triangle in the connector Wave B or X


 As mentioned here before double three structures are common to see in the market and as it has been pointed out before they can also be the Elliott wave formation that a particular market instrument is trending in the larger degrees and time frames since some markets fail to display an impulsive Elliott wave count. With that said these structures also may be seen in any time frame and degree. In the graphic below is a bullish example which can be applied inversely for a bearish market … [Read more...]

The future of Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Scientists are looking to power the planet with renewable energy by the year 2030 , till that happens the main source for the world energy will remain OIL , GAS and Coal as we can see it clearly in the world energy demand figure which proves that Energy Sector is still among the strongest investment for the future even many are expecting it to reach the end of an era which could drive the public away from investing in its related stocks .   To have a better understanding let's … [Read more...]