How It Works

Dear Subscribers

We came to realize that we were missing too many trading opportunities in the market as we didn’t have enough time/resources to micro-manage a large number of trading signals. Therefore, we have decided to include a New Section on the website called Trading Ideas. This is where we would be posting all the actionable trade setups based on Elliottwave Structures, Fibonacci and Trend Lines. Traders can then decide which ideas appeal to them the most using their own “Knowledge” and “Trading System”

We will go over Trades in the Trading Ideas section every day during the Forum and feel free to ask questions if you have any. We will post comments on the trades that have been filled as and when appropriate.

We advise traders not to RISK MORE THAN 2% of their EQUITY on any Single Trade and NOT HAVE MORE THAN 5% of EQUITY at RISK on all Trades at any given time.


Trade Safe & Good Luck

Elliottwave Forecast Team