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Elliott Wave Forecast: Principles and Theory

This ebook contains information about basics of Elliott Wave Principle, cycles,rules, characteristics of Elliott waves & how to identify them, impulsive & corrective wave structures and last but not the least it gives you an introduction of NEW Elliott Wave Theory. You will learn why we felt the need to add new rules to the Theory and how NEW EW Theory could be used to filter out subjectivity which often clouds Elliott Wave Analysis and obtain the most probable outcome which we call “staying on the right side” Fill your details in the box on the right to download your ebook now.

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  • Elliott Wave Educational Seminar (Recording)

    Elliott Wave Educational Seminar (Recording)

    We conducted a Free Elliott Wave Educational Seminar on Monday, 4th April 2016. If you missed the seminar, you can watch the recording below. In the seminar you will learn about Elliott Wave Principle, the basic rules, Elliott Wave structures and how to trade some of those Elliott Wave Structures. If you like the seminar, […]
  • World Indexes:The Never ending Bull Market

    World Indexes:The Never ending Bull Market

    Many Traders after the 2008 decline around the World Indexes have developed this idea that Indexes need to crash and see a decline bigger than the one seen in 2008. We at Elliottwave Forecast, have never agreed with the Idea and have always been bullish the Indexes, not only due to the Technicals but also due to […]
  • Elliott wave Theory: Catching wave III or C

    Elliott wave Theory: Catching wave III or C

    Elliott wave Theory is a great tool for traders when the traders understand that it is only a tool to help them anticipate a big move. The dream of traders using Elliott wave is always to see the Market rallying in their direction and the Plan becoming a reality. The Market moves in sequences which is either Impulsive […]
  • Winning or Misery and the Market Psychology

    Winning or Misery and the Market Psychology

    Winning or Misery and the Market Psychology As everyone knows, the market has two sides and is very hard to forecast with a higher degree of acceptances. Market participants sometimes tend to forget the simple ideas that there are two sides trying to make money and been winners. The reality is that most traders lose […]
  • Time, Price and Distribution

    Time, Price and Distribution

    Traders, usually, have been told that Price is the most important aspect of the trading dynamic. We have been told to look at the charts all day and follow every swing the Market does, sometimes even dropping down to the 1 minute chart and using a range of indicators to try and decode the price action. […]