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    • What to look for in Wave 2 or B Wave Corrections in any Elliott Wave Cycle or Degree & How to Trade it

      The point of this article is to help a trader get in position to profit from the expected market move thus the following is related to what to look for and how to trade it without fear or emotion. The first thing that is needed to be known is which direction higher or lower the […]

    • Money & Risk Management in Trading – Webinar

      Join Elliotwave-forecast.com contributor and host Daniel Hussey this session titled “Risk Management in Trading”. The webinar will provide key insight into the world of a professional trader, highlighting the importance of risk management and execution of a well-defined trade plan. If you have ever wondered what makes for a successful trade plan, or are simply […]

    • Elliott Wave Principle: Now and Then

      Elliott Wave Principle Now and Then The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of technical analysis that is used by some traders to analyze cycles in financial markets and based on that forecast the future path by identifying extremes in investor psychology, highs and lows in prices, and other collective factors. Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871–1948), a professional accountant, discovered […]

    • What to look for in an Elliott Wave four

      The most widely recognized market move among participants is the powerful wave three. The following is what to look for after completion of the third wave impulse. In any degree of trend either in a bullish or bearish Elliott Wave cycle,  a wave four consolidation following a third wave will usually show a three , […]

    • The New Elliott Wave Theory: Using Market Correlation and RSI in Elliott Wave

      One of the common challenges to practicioners of Elliott Wave principle is that the technique is subjective. There’s a saying that if you put 10 different Ellioticians together in the same room, they will all come up with a different Elliott Wave count. During our 20 years of experience with Elliott Wave Theory, we find […]

    • How to get an Elliott Wave fifth wave target

      In either a bullish or bearish market,  whether the Elliott Wave trend is up, down, or the cycle and degree of the wave is either bullish or bearish, wave five targets can be obtained these following three ways in any degree of trend. This list is not definitive in any particular order of preference because […]

    • New Elliott Wave Theory: 5 wave impulse

      Elliott Wave Theory was discovered by Ralph Nelson Elliott in 1930′s. Elliott wave theory is a study of crowd psychology or human nature which has evolved since 1930′s. This means Elliott Wave Theory also needs to be adjusted to make accurate use of it, we have done exactly that and developed NEW Elliott Wave Theory […]

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