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  • Winning or Misery and the Market Psychology

    Winning or Misery and the Market Psychology

    Winning or Misery and the Market Psychology As everyone knows, the market has two sides and is very hard to forecast with a higher degree of acceptances. Market participants sometimes tend to forget the simple ideas that there are two sides trying to make money and been winners. The reality is that most traders lose […]
  • Time, Price and Distribution

    Time, Price and Distribution

    Traders, usually, have been told that Price is the most important aspect of the trading dynamic. We have been told to look at the charts all day and follow every swing the Market does, sometimes even dropping down to the 1 minute chart and using a range of indicators to try and decode the price action. […]
  • Technical trade vs Fundamental trade

    Technical trade vs Fundamental trade

    Technical trade vs Fundamental trade A huge debate is which type of trading to follow, many Market participants always find themselves between the dilemmas of which way to follow. Like everything in life, a person needs to have a criteria in order to make a decision and being consistent in the criteria is what makes better […]
  • The market, golden ratio, and the sequence

    The market, golden ratio, and the sequence

    Market Dynamic and Nature Nature is the biggest enigma, that we as Human always try to decode. For Centuries, we have been trying to understand everything and find out many secrets around the Universe. We have come very far from living in caves to being able to travel to the moon. The reality is that […]
  • Labeling Elliott Wave Patterns

    Labeling Elliott Wave Patterns

    The patterns that usually occur in the market can be subdivided in two main categories: Impulsive pattern and corrective pattern. The main difference between these two groups is in Impulsive pattern the move in the market is sharp and without overlap but in corrective pattern, we see sideway and overlapping price actions. The impulsive patterns […]