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What does the Gold Plan do for you?

Gold Plan covers 26 instrument in 4 time frames from hourly, 4 hour, daily, and weekly.It provides access to Chat Room, Live Analysis Session, Daily Technical Video and Weekend Technical Video. You also get access to our Live Trading Room which provides trading signal in an easy-to-follow Trading Journal format with entry, stop, limit, and risk:reward calculation. Live Trading Room is one of the best avenues to learn our trading method of 3, 7, 11 swings.

What does Gold Plan with Trading Signals Include?
What do People Say About the Gold Plan?
Panagiotis Kalofolias
"I have been in trading business for 8 years. I have to admit that my starting point as a trader was pretty bad as I did all the beginner mistakes one can possibly do and received several margin calls on prior accounts. Then I read about Elliotwave methology and it piques my curiosity.."
R.L Kwan
"Thanks to EWF, also, I've been trading several instruments which I had fear to trade, as I didn't know how to analyze them, but when you find that there are correlations in the markets, something that EWF teaches you, absolutely you erase that fear from your trading day!"
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