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What does the Gold Plan do for you?

Gold Plan covers 26 instrument in 4 time frames from hourly, 4 hour, daily, and weekly.It provides access to Chat Room, Live Analysis Session, Daily Technical Video and Weekend Technical Video. You also get access to our Live Trading Room which provides trading signal in an easy-to-follow Trading Journal format with entry, stop, limit, and risk:reward calculation. Live Trading Room is one of the best avenues to learn our trading method of 3, 7, 11 swings.

What does Gold Plan with Trading Signals Include?
What do People Say About the Gold Plan?
Sean Goodwin | Feb 2021
"Choosing Elliott Wave Forecast is the best investment decision I've made in my trading career."
Edwardo Tellez | Feb 2021
Outstanding site for educational content, trading information and live sessions. If you are serious about learning to trade whether you're a beginner or expert, the talented and friendly mentors support you every step of the way! Worth every penny of membership and if you apply yourself to learn everything you can from these guys, you will get so much out of it! In just a few months my trading has transformed as a result of the learning I've been able to achieve through these guys. Highly recommended!