GBPUSD Elliott Wave Forecast 1.10.2017


GBPUSD is showing a 5 swing bearish sequence from 12/6 peak (1.277) which favors more downside. The decline from 12/6 peak is unfolding as a double three where wave (W) ended at 1.2198 and wave (X) ended at 1.2432. GBPUSD has since broken below wave (W) at 1.2198 which suggests that the next leg lower has already started. Near term focus is on 1.2025 - 1.2072 area to complete wave W and end cycle from 1/5 high, then pair should bounce in wave X to correct cycle from 1/5 high (1.2432) before pair … [Read more...]

NZDCAD Elliottwave Analysis 1/6/2017


Below is an Elliott Wave analysis video on NZDCAD. The pair is currently correcting the rally from 8/24/2015 low and could see more downside short term before the rally resumes to new high or at least bounce in 3 waves. If you enjoy this analysis, feel free to try our service --> 14 days FREE trial and get access to Elliottwave charts for 52 instrument in 4 time frames, live sessions, live trading room, 24 hour chat room, and more.   Weekly Chart NZDCAD is showing a … [Read more...]

AUDCAD Elliott wave Strategy of the Day (12/27/2016)

3AUDCAD 1H20161228100028

On 27th of December 2016, Our Strategy of the Day Video presented to clients viewed the bounce in AUDCAD as a selling opportunity in the pair. Short AUDCAD (12/27/2016) On 12/27/2016, pair was showing incomplete swing sequence (5 swings) from 11/10 peak & was missing the target (0.9545 - 0.9415 area). This suggested Elliott wave sequence was incomplete and bearish against 12/14 peak (0.9887) in first degree and thus our strategy was to sell the bounces in sequence of 3, 7 or 11 swings … [Read more...]

Forecasting US Dollar through EURAUD into FOMC

FOMC Rate Decision

FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will declare outcome of this month's meeting on Wednesday and the market is expecting a rate hike by the FED and consequently, dollar would be expected to get strong. We, at, we base our trades on the technicals and not on the fundamentals or FOMC. The market itself, like everything in nature has a natural way to move in which the market will either follow a corrective or an impulsive sequence. The Elliott Wave is the only technique … [Read more...]

GBPAUD Elliott Wave Calling Possible Bounce Higher?

GBPAUD, Elliott Wave, Elliottwave, Bullish Pattern, Harmonic Pattern

GBPAUD has been trending higher on the 1 hour and 4 hour time frames since October 7/2016. Elliott Wave forecast analysis can also be calling for the pair to continue the trend and push higher. We at Elliottwave-Forecast always recommend our clients to trade with the trend and not against it. We also understand that Elliott Wave on it's own is not enough to forecast so we combine other trading strategies to compliment the analysis as you will see in the charts below. In the first chart an … [Read more...]

One of the most common Traps in Elliott Wave Trading

EURUSD Short-term Elliott-Wave-Analysis 15 November

In this technical blog we’re going to give you some tips on how to avoid one of the most common traps in Elliott Wave trading. We will try to close you to our strategy, emphasizing importance of trading with the trend. Many beginner traders believe that spotting formation of a good pattern or clear Elliott wave count on 1 Hour, 30 minutes or even 15 minutes time frame is enough to make good trading decisions. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Trading in that manner leads to many negative … [Read more...]