Gold Elliott wave Zigzag pattern

2XAU 6020170224214206

In this Technical blog, we are going to take a quick look at the Gold 1 hour chart from Feb 21,2017. In which the bounce from 2/15/2017 low (1216) appeared to be in 5 waves sequence & the bounce was impulsive rather then corrective sequence. Thus suggesting the cycle from 1216 low could be following the Elliott wave Zig-zag pattern. Where the cycle from 1216 low ended at 1242 that we have labelled as wave (a) of the possible zig-zag pattern.  According to Elliott wave theory Zigzag is a 3 … [Read more...]

$INTL INTL Fcstone Inc Daily Elliott Wave Analysis

INTL Daily Elliott Wave Analysis

This is a daily Elliott Wave analysis of the aforementioned company. Firstly I will mention some of the company's past history and merger. INTL Fcstone Inc is a Fortune 500 financial services industry firm listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The company has offices worldwide and is headquartered in New York City, NY in the United States of America. This company was founded in 1978 and was known as the Farmers Commodities Corporation until 2002. The company went public with a stock offering in 2007. … [Read more...]

GBPUSD Can a dip into the $0.60-$0.30 area happen?

GBPUSD WEEKLY 20161227132438

The GBPUSD has been declining since the late 1960’s. The currency instrument did see a three wave decline into the 1985 low. This low represents either a pause into the longer term decline sequence or the beginning of a new bullish sequence. From the 1985 lows the currency rallied for 22 years based in Elliott wave hedging, which means both bearish and bullish sides agreed on the bounce. As of right now, we are looking at the 1985 low as a line which supports or negates the GBPUSD moving into … [Read more...]

Forecasting US Dollar through EURAUD into FOMC

FOMC Rate Decision

FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will declare outcome of this month's meeting on Wednesday and the market is expecting a rate hike by the FED and consequently, dollar would be expected to get strong. We, at, we base our trades on the technicals and not on the fundamentals or FOMC. The market itself, like everything in nature has a natural way to move in which the market will either follow a corrective or an impulsive sequence. The Elliott Wave is the only technique … [Read more...]

$QCOM Daily Elliott Wave Analysis


Here is a daily Elliott wave analysis of Qualcomm Incorporated based in California, USA. This Nasdaq stock is well below it all time peak back in the year 2000 and did suffer a quite a pullback lower with the rest of the market into 2002 then has traded sideways to higher from there. Most recent larger degree dip appears to have ended a corrective cycle lower back on 2/12/2016 at the 42.24 lows . The uptrend from there thus far appears to be impulsive and I think it should likely do a bit of … [Read more...]

GOOGL Near Term 4 hour Elliott Wave Analysis


Here is the near term Elliott Wave analysis for the Nasdaq stock and company that really needs no introduction, Google based in Mountain View, California, USA. For purposes here in this article I'll mention this stock is obviously in a larger uptrend since the company inception. This particular labeling of the chart is not to say the larger count is or not impulsive however may be the important thing is the uptrend. We will begin with the low from 6/27/2016 which after doing cycle analysis it … [Read more...]