$DJUSRE (Dow Jones Real Estate Index, US) A Six years buying Investment coming

The Dow Jones Real Estate Index measure the values of the Real Estate in the United States of America through the value of Real Estate companies. The Index, as every Global Index, has a Bullish trend and is within a double three aka WXY Elliott wave structure off the all times lows. As of now, the cycle from 2009 ended and current pull back is a great chance to buy Real Estate and own it for another 6 years. Time, in every investment, is they key which is why we pay a lot of attention to the timing cycles besides the price cycles. The cycle from 2009 lasted 6 years and it is likely the current pull back ends in 2016 and the Index resumes the up trend, that means it could then remain Bullish until 2022 (which is when the two cycles from 2009 lows would be equal legs in time) we see a Bullish  Real Estate until 2022. Then, there would be the possibility of a pull back of same or equivalent magnitude as of 2008. We base the Forecast in Elliott wave Theory, Cycles and also using Fibonacci extensions in Time and Price like we always do for the 50 Instruments that we cover in our daily operation. If you like the forecast and wans to see more of our work, you can sign up for a FREE 14 Days Trial at www.elliottwave-forecast.com

Good Luck & Trade Safe!