• $HG_F (Copper) Live Trading Room –  Trade Recap

    $HG_F (Copper) Live Trading Room – Trade Recap

    Here is a short clip from our Live Trading Room at July 14. Take a look at how we manage the trade and risk by using inflection zones and Elliot Wave to your advantage. The Live Trading Room is held daily at 7:00 AM EST , join us there for more insight into these proven methods of trading. With […]

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  • Buying the dips in GOLD into Brexit event

    Buying the dips in GOLD into Brexit event

    The video below is a short capture from Daily Setup Video held on 06/22 by EWF Senior Analyst Daud Bhatti. Daud was presenting Elliott Wave setup of $GOLD, suggesting buying the dips from precisely determined technical area: 1260.4-1251.05 against the invalidation level: 1235.9. This was one of the highest probability trade setups market was showing into […]

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  • USDPLN Elliottwave Analysis 7.11.2016

    USDPLN Elliottwave Analysis 7.11.2016

    Weekly chart suggests pair is looking to do a larger pullback to at least correct the cycle from 2014 low, and likely also 2011 low. As far as pair stays below 1/27 peak at 4.158, favor pair to resume lower. For more trading ideas, feel free to check Chart of The Day and take our FREE 14 Day Trial.

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  • Elliott Waves forecasting the decline in $NZDJPY

    Elliott Waves forecasting the decline in $NZDJPY

    On June 24th, $NZDJPY completed wave ((X)) recovery as expanded flat and made 800+ points decline from proposed inflection area. It bottomed at 69.08 , and at current stage still holding above that low.  The video below is a short capture from the Plus Daily Technical Video held on 06/22 by our technical analyst Hendra Lao. The […]

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  • NZDCAD Elliottwave Analysis 6.30.2016

    NZDCAD Elliottwave Analysis 6.30.2016

    Rally from 4/28 low is proposed complete at 0.9305 as wave (X). Short term, while pair stays below here, and more importantly below 0.9567, it has scope to continue the weekly decline lower to 0.79 area, or at minimum pair can start a larger 3 waves pullback to correct rally from 4/28 low. For more […]

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  • Elliott Waves Forecasting the path in $EURGBP

    Elliott Waves Forecasting the path in $EURGBP

    On May 18th $EURGBP broke the 04/26 low (0.77316) ,calling for further extension lower toward : 0.7564-0.74728 zone where it was expected to complete wave ((4)) daily pull back. A few days after, inflection area had been reached and buyers showed up immediately, making bottom at 0.7563. So far $EURGBP has made gain of  10.76% […]

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