#fxroom Interview with Eric Morera on long term direction of $EURUSD

In this interview video by Dale Pinkert at May 16, 2015, our chief currency strategist and founder Eric Morera explained how he believed $EURUSD is not as bearish the consensus from other analysts, banks, and social media. Despite the popular bearish sentiment and belief that $EURUSD is going to go below parity at the time of the interview due to Greece and ECB bonds purchase, Eric argued that the Elliottwave structure of the pair is suggesting that it can bottom and start to correct the entire drop from 2008 peak as the move lower from 2008 peak is showing a 7 swing structure (corrective) and pair has reached a trend line support from 1985 low. Since the interview, $EURUSD has recovered 700 pips and is expected to continue the recovery path as presented in the interview video.

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