Is USDX in trouble? A look through USDNOK and ElliottWave

The USDNOK is ending a possible 5 waves structure from the lows at 2011 and consequently a possible Elliott Wave FLAT (3-3-5) structure since the lows at 2008. Either way, the time and size of the sequence suggest that in even the most bullish $USDX case the Index needs time and price to call the correction completed. The Structures we are covering at the video are Weekly sequences and do not suggest or represent the shorter cycle (like 1 hour for example) oscillations. Moreover, it can be a warning for the whole basket of  Instruments related to the $USDX  like OIL, Copper, EURUSD, USDCAD , AUDUSD and many others. As a subscription services, we can’t offer the details outlook for each instrument but we do offer a Free 14 day Trial where subscribers can see our work and analysis on a daily basis completely Free for 14 days.


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