Apple: Using Elliott Wave to Forecast the Path

$AAPL made a 5 waves move from 2013 low, ending the move at 117.25 (4/27/2015 peak). The stock since then declined, taking the form of a double three WXY (7 swing structure). Watch the video below to understand WXY structure and how to use it to forecast the correction in Apple. From 117.25 peak, the decline ended wave W at 92 (8/24/2015 low), wave X at 123.82 (11/4/2015 peak), and wave Y is currently in progress towards 71.1 – 81.17 area. From this area, Apple may resume a multi-year bullish cycle or should at least do a larger bounce to correct the decline from 4/27/2015 peak. To learn more about Elliottwave or see the next path for Apple, you can sign up for a Free 14 day Trial of our services.



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