$AUDUSD – Extended Shorts in a Continuation Setup Part 2

Here is a quick video blog post from one of our resident traders Dan Hussey on a recent AUD/USD setup he tweeted about! Follow Dan on twitter @DanielHusseyJr to hear more great ideas and get his trading ideas first hand.  This setup was a short term example of a continuation setup that utilizes a truly unique method of technical trading and Elliottwave analysis!

$AUDUSD – Extended Shorts in a Continuation Setup Part 2

Dan Hussey is our new Director of Education at Elliottwave Forecast!  Stay tuned for new and exciting content being published to enhance your educational experience at Elliottwave Forecast!  Don’t miss our next Educational Seminar on August 13th, 2016 – New Elliottwave, Correlations, and Trading Execution Be sure to register today to hold your spot!  Also, coming in August, we will be launching a whole new Elliottwave experience with a huge expansion of our Educational website and programs!


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