SPX buying the dips after a Double correction

SPX elliott wave

Hello fellow traders. The video below is a capture from the SPX Strategy of the day video from 12/19/2016 held by  Daud Bhatti. SPX Trading strategy: Our Elliott Wave forecast suggests the index is within bullish cycle from the 2084.6 low. It's missing a swing to the upside, looking for 2316.85 area. As Daud explained in the video, while the price holds below 12/13 peak, double correction can be seen in wave (b) blue. As always, we recommended our members to go with the trend. Suggestion was … [Read more...]

Aftermath of December US Non-farm payrolls

GBPUSD 5 Jan 1 Hour Mid-day NY

Last Friday, US added 156,000 job numbers in December Non-farm payrolls followed by a 204,000 rise in November previously, which was bigger than estimated. Whereas the Median forecast for December Non-farm payrolls was estimated at 175,000 jobs. The jobless rate marked up to 4.7 percent as the labor force grew. And wages rose 2.9 percent from December 2015, thus helped US Dollar & Indices to rally, significantly pushing SPX & NASDAQ to new all-time highs. Average hourly earnings advanced … [Read more...]

ES #F Elliott Wave Forecasting the Rally from 2080-2023

Elliott Wave ES#F

The Video below is a short capture from the Plus Daily Technical Video held on October 26th by Hendra Lau. Hendra counted the short term swings and explained our Elliott Wave forecast of ES #F We expected wave (X) blue to make double three against the 1981.58 low.  At that time the price of ES #F still hadn't broken below the 09/12 low. However we knew it will probably make double three as SPX was showing 5 swings in the cycle from the same 08/23 peak, suggesting another swing down in futures … [Read more...]

SPX and The Presidential Cycles

SPX and Presidential Cycle

The Market, for years, has been seen as a reaction to a series of events around the world and how investors react to those events. Without any question, the United States of America presidential election is one of most watched events around the World. We at Elliottwave-Forecast.com, believe in the idea that the Technical trade is able to anticipate the future and we have proved that time and again over the years. Looking at the SPX cycles since the all-time lows, it is very clear how every swing … [Read more...]

Time to Take some Profits in American Express ( AXP )

American Express Weekly Chart

American Express There was no market crash after the US Election results , " Trump Rally " that's what everybody is calling it as US indices and US Dollar surged higher doing the best rally that market have seen in years with many instruments hitting new all time highs like ( SPX & DJIA ) and others making multi-years new highs . It's almost green all over the stock market and investors are still hungry for more gains , so with the flow of money popping everywhere the financial sector saw … [Read more...]

Elliott Wave: The Basics of Now & Then (Recording)

Elliott Wave Free Seminar

We conducted a Free Educational Elliott Wave Educational Seminar on Wednesday, 23rd November 2016. If you missed the seminar, you can watch the recording below. In the seminar you will learn about Elliott Wave Theory, the basic rules, why we felt the need to make some adjustments to the Elliott Wave Theory and also learn about some of the adjustments we have made to the Elliott Wave Theory to make it more practical and up to date. If you liked the seminar, we have more advanced level seminar … [Read more...]