One of the most common Traps in Elliott Wave Trading

EURUSD Short-term Elliott-Wave-Analysis 15 November

In this technical blog we’re going to give you some tips on how to avoid one of the most common traps in Elliott Wave trading. We will try to close you to our strategy, emphasizing importance of trading with the trend. Many beginner traders believe that spotting formation of a good pattern or clear Elliott wave count on 1 Hour, 30 minutes or even 15 minutes time frame is enough to make good trading decisions. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Trading in that manner leads to many negative … [Read more...]

USDNOK Short-term Elliott Wave Analysis 12.2.2016

1USDNOK 1H20161202094913

Revised short Term Elliott wave cycles suggests that rally to 8.641 ended wave 3 and wave 4 pullback is unfolding as a double three where wave ((w)) ended at 8.447, wave ((x)) ended at 8.543 and wave ((y)) of 4 is in progress towards 8.304 - 8.35 area. Near term, while pullbacks stay below wave ((x)) at 8.543, expect the pair to continue lower towards the target above before turning higher. We don't like selling the pair and expect the pair to find buyers at 8.304 - 8.35 area for at least a 3 … [Read more...]

NZDJPY Elliott Waves forecasting the rally & buying the dips


Hello fellow traders, in this technical blog we're going to take a quick look at the past Elliott Wave charts of NZDJPY to see how we guided our members through this instrument. The chart below is $NZDJPY daily update from  11.07.2016 It's  suggesting we're in the potential pull back X red from the 76.90-78.01 area, before resumes higher again toward target area : 79.81-81.61 Now let's take a look at the short term structures... Since November 08/2016 when the pair broke July 12th peak, … [Read more...]

Trade Selection Process using Elliott Wave Theory


Many traders overlook the process of selecting the right instruments to trade. Trading is a process which requires a lot of discipline and a good technique to be consistently profitable. Selection is one of the aspects which can define the life of a trader because without the right selection process, most traders are going to have a very short life. Selection, by definition, is the process / action of carefully choosing someone or something as being the best or most suitable scenario and that … [Read more...]

EURGBP forecasting the decline into the Election day


In this technical blog we are going to take a quick look at the $EURGBP 4 hour chart dated: 7th of November 2016. Pair since the October 7th peak (0.9224) was showing lower lows & lower highs, also was missing the extreme from the peak favored another push lower in the pair to happens to complete the 7 swing Elliott wave bearish swing sequence. It is important to note that W,X,Y in red has internal subdivision of (3,3,3) in each swing, which means all of the these 3 legs were corrective … [Read more...]

$USDCAD Elliottwaves forecasting the rally & buying the dips

USDCAD 8 November 1 Hour Mid-day NY

The video below is a short capture from the NY Live Analysis Session held on November 8th by EWF Founder & Chief Currency Strategist Eric Morera. Eric presented Elliott Wave count of $USDCAD suggesting potential double in wave ((x)) pull back toward 1.2363-1.3226 before further rally takes place.  Back then, $USDCAD was showing incomplete swings sequences in the daily cycle from the May 3th low, suggesting at least another swing higher toward 1.3502-1.3675 (taking profit area). Our members … [Read more...]