EURJPY Elliott Wave (4) nearing completion

EURJPY 10 January 8 Hour Elliott Wave Analysis

EURJPY has been in a sideways consolidation for the last few weeks and today it broke lower from the consolidation. Many might view it as start of a sustained decline but looking at the choppy nature of the decline from blue (3) peak, we are viewing it as a wave (4) blue pull back of an incomplete 5 wave Elliott wave cycle up from 6/24/2016 low. Wave (4) could unfold as a simple 3 wave pull back, double three, triple three, zig-zag, FLAT or a triangle. In this wave count, wave (4) has taken the … [Read more...]

$EURJPY Live Trading Room Setup from 9/6


We issued a scalping short order for $EURJPY at market on Sep 6 Live Trading Room. We took profit on Sep 7 for a +95 pips profit. Each day in Live Trading Room, members attending the session will receive a similar trading journal like the one below The short clip below from our Live Trading Room on September 6 provides the setup for $EURJPY short trade. We have a solid system to minimize the risk and protect position when trade is going our way. Check out Live Trading Room daily starting … [Read more...]