ES_F Strategy of the day, buying the dips

ES_F Strategy

Hello fellow traders. In this technical blog we're going to take a quick look at another nice trading example of ES_F.  The video below is a short capture from the ES_F Strategy of the day video 01/10/2017 published in members area of ES_F strategy: S&P 500 E-mini futures is showing an incomplete bullish swing sequencs in the cycle from the 11/09 2016 low. It remains bullish against the December 30th low and looking for more strength to complete the cycle.  … [Read more...]

ES #F Elliott Wave Forecasting the Rally from 2080-2023

Elliott Wave ES#F

The Video below is a short capture from the Plus Daily Technical Video held on October 26th by Hendra Lau. Hendra counted the short term swings and explained our Elliott Wave forecast of ES #F We expected wave (X) blue to make double three against the 1981.58 low.  At that time the price of ES #F still hadn't broken below the 09/12 low. However we knew it will probably make double three as SPX was showing 5 swings in the cycle from the same 08/23 peak, suggesting another swing down in futures … [Read more...]