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As Humans, we tend to form a worldview about everything. For generations, many great individuals have fought wars and lost lives because they have a firm belief in a particular worldview. The same thing can be applied in trading. In the world of trading, we too tend to have particular view about the direction of the market. However, as […]

  • Do you need to worry about Netflix 5 waves move ?

    Do you need to worry about Netflix 5 waves move ?

    Netflix (NFLX) is an American multinational entertainment company that specializes in streaming media , film and television production , as well as online distribution and DVD by mail. Last week , the company posted its biggest-ever quarterly subscriber growth with 7.05 million new subscribers beating its own expectations of 5.2 million . As we can see in the chart below that Netflix international […]

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  • DAX Intra-day Analysis: Wave 3 in progress

    DAX Intra-day Analysis: Wave 3 in progress

    DAX extend the rally today and broke to a new high above blue (3). Index has reached 2.618 – 3.236 extension area where black wave ((iii)) can complete and we can see a pull back in black wave ((iv)) followed by more upside towards 11866 – 11951 area to complete red wave 3. We can […]

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  • Top Financial Companies Performance

    Top Financial Companies Performance

    Financial Companies Review In our previous article we made an Overview of the financial sector and we mentioned that the overall performance was below average as most of the Top Financial Companies stocks were in the negative territory since the start of 2016. The acceleration to the upside came during the 4th quarter of the year after the US Election which […]

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  • Elliott Wave Analysis: DAX

    Elliott Wave Analysis: DAX

    In this technical blog, let’s take a look at the $DAX instrument Elliott wave forecast we had since the beginning of 2017. Below is the $DAX 1/07/2017, 4 hr  weekend updated chart suggesting the rally in DAX from 11/9/2016 is unfolding as a Elliott wave triple three structure (also known as 11 swing sequence), where […]

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  • Under Armour (Sportswear) Ready for Glory Days

    Under Armour (Sportswear) Ready for Glory Days

    SportsWear Market Analysis When people talk about Sportswear , you will always hear either Nike or Adidas as they are the most used brands in the world despite other known names like Puma , Asics or Converse . Nike established it self as the world’s leading innovator in sports related footwear, clothing, tools and accessories beating Adidas which is the largest sportswear […]

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  • DAX Elliott Wave Forecast 1.6.2017

    DAX Elliott Wave Forecast 1.6.2017

    The rally in DAX from 11/9/2016 is unfolding as a triple three where wave (W) ended at 10798, wave (X) ended at 10400, wave (Y) ended at 11487, and second wave (X) ended at 11404.3. With a break above wave (Y) at 11487, DAX is showing 9 swings up from 11/9/2016 low, which favors more […]

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