EURGBP: Trend is your friend

EURGBP cycles have been clearly negative since February 25/2013.  We, at EWF, always advise our members to trade with the trend and not against it. The charts below clearly shows how we continue advising our members that EURGBP will continue with the down trend. No matter how many times EURGBP kept creeping higher we continued telling our members, through webinars, charts, 24H chatroom, and daily reports, that as long as price did not break above 0.80346 (Invalidation level) the smart trade would be to the shortside. Let’s take a look at some Elliott Wave updated charts from members area below

July 8/2014



July 9/2014



July 10/2014



July 14/2014



July 15/2014




July 16/2014  (Invalidation Level changed and view is still to the downside)



July 17/2014



July 18/2014



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At EWF we update our 4H charts everyday and our 1H charts 4 times a day so our members are always in the loop for the next move.

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** Started July 14/2014 all EWF charts will show Invalidation Levels to assist our members to manage and position their trades more accordingly **































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