Double Three Structure in EURGBP

EUR/GBP is a pair that moves nearly all in corrective sequence of double three (WXY) or triple three (WXYXZ). That makes the pair to be very predictable and a pair to look for high probability setups. In this blog, we will take a look at how to trade a double corrective Elliott Wave Structure

Double three structure is a 7 swing structure with the general structure below:


Let’s take a look at EUR/GBP recent move in double three below:


$EUR/GBP above made the 7 swing corrective structure with wave (Y) terminating at slightly above equal leg area. Equal leg is defined as an area between (Y) = (W) and (Y) = 1.236 ext.

A trader who anticipates a double three therefore can put a sell order at the equal leg area (0.7984 – 0.8016), then put stop loss above 1.618 ext (0.8068). The logic behind this placement of stop loss from Elliott Wave Principle is that wave 3 is normally 1.618 ext of wave 1. So when pair rallies towards 1.618 ext, then it can become impulsive structure.

This trade however requires traders to know the bigger time frame’s trend so that traders can trade with the trend, instead of against the trend.

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