AUDUSD: Forecasting the move lower using Elliott Waves

Invalidation levels are key for a waver to label charts and to forecast the markets. Practitioners of Elliott Wave theory also understand that a wave count can change at any moment. As you will see in the charts below, we changed the labeling of the chart to match the wave structure but our bias for AUDUSD to push lower remained the same. Our charts clearly shows our members which side to trade (RED or GREEN arrow) and what level invalidates the wave structure. Take a look at the charts below and see what our members already knew.

August 2/2014 (Weekend Update)


August 4/2014 (New York Update)


August 5/2014 (New York Update)


August 6/2014 (London Update) *Labeling changed*


August 6/2014 (New York Update)


August 6/2014 (Asia Update)


August 7/2014 (London Update) 


At EWF we update our 4H charts everyday and our 1H charts 4 times a day so our members are always in the loop for the next move.

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