AUDJPY: Anticipating the drop

Check out these charts to see how NEW Elliott Wave Analysis called this drop in AUDJPY


January 22/2014 (Asia Update)



January 22/2014 (London Update)



January 23/2014 (London Update)



January 23/2014 (New York Update)



January 24/2014 (Asia Update)



January 24/2014 (London Update)



January 25/2014 (Weekend Update)



Over 400 pip drop !  If you want to know what this pair is going to do next then subscribe to a plan or take the trial for 14 days and see why we are the leading forecasting service.

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At EWF we update our 1H charts 4 times a day so our clients are always in the loop for the next move. 1H Charts are updated for New York session, Asia session, London session and Mid-day NY session.

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