Test Your Elliott Wave Knowledge

Hello fellow Traders, we challenge you to Take this Quiz and test your knowledge.

On the chart below you can see our h4 Elliott Wave analysis of $GBPJPY from 11.21.2015 date. Take a close look at the labeling and see if you’re able to answer 3 questions given below…


1. Rally from the 180.63 up to 188.80 is labelled as:
a) Flat
b) Triple Three
c) Double Three

2. How many swings you can count from 180.63 low:
a) 5 swings
b) 7 swings
c) 9 swings

3.(X) blue connector in the middle has the form of:
a) Running Flat
b) Expanded Flat
c) Zig Zag

Send me the answers to vlada@elliottwave-forecast.com  and win 50% Discount on any Subscription Plan you choose. These discounts will be applied only to new members who send the correct answers by 3rd January 2016.

If you’re not able to answer on these questions, you have opportunity to get 14 days of EWF membership for Free and learn from our Market Experts.
In Free Trial  you get access to Professional Elliott Wave analysis of 50 instruments in 4 different time frames, 2 live webinars by our expert analysts every day, live trading room, 24 hour chat room support, market overview, daily and weekly technical videos and much more…

Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Welcome to Elliott Wave Forecast !


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