Triple Three Elliott Wave Structure

In this blog, we will take a look at Elliott Wave Triple Three structure wxyz. WXYZ is an 11 swing Elliott Wave structure which looks like below:

Triple Three

From the chart above, we can see red W, red X, red Y, red X, and red Z. Each leg of WXYZ Elliott Wave structure has 3 swing subdivisions ((w)), ((x)), and ((y)). A triple three WXYZ structure therefore is an 11 swing structure. Usually each leg of the triple is equal leg with W = Y = Z in distance.

Let’s take a look at how this triple three pattern in Elliott Wave Theory is applied at $GBP/AUD 4 hour charts below:



The overall structure starting from red wave X low at 1.72 is a WXY Elliott Wave structure with wave (W) = wave (Y) at 1.931. Wave (W) ended at 1.8685, wave (X) ended at 1.7857, and wave (Y) of ((W)) concluded at 1.931. Wave (W) further is subdivided into WXY. Wave (X) is also subdivided into WXY. Finally, wave (Y) of ((W)) is subdivided into triple three WXYZ with each leg further subdivided into a lesser degree (( w )) – (( x )) – (( y )) making it 11 swings in total. So pair showing 11 swings to equal legs of (W)-(X) coming at 1.931 was enough to tell us that (W)-(X)-(Y) structure from red X low was about to end and that we should close the longs and be ready for a pull back which followed. Understanding Elliott wave structures & the right swing sequence is the key to success. Just so you remember WXY is a 7 swing sequence and WXYZ is an 11 swing sequence.

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