Nikkei Futures from 6/2 short term corrective structures

Nikkei Futures is one of our indices related instruments  we cover here at The instrument has been trending higher & we expect will continue while the shorter term ((b)) triangle lows remain intact at 15019 . Beginning with the corrective (b) that began on 6/2 the shorter term structure was  w, x, y with a triangle in the “y” of (b)  which is a complex double three correction that is partially illustrated in the graph below, as the graph shows a flat beginning the leg “w” but can be any thing corrective in any of the swings. After completion of the corrective structure the futures moved up into the (c) of ((a)) highs at 15180 that has been followed by a wave ((b)) bullish triangle that we think ended at 15050 thus in the near term while above there we expect another swing higher toward 15421. Thanks for looking and feel free to come visit our website and take a trial subscription and see if we can be of help.

Kind regards & good luck trading.  

Lewis Jones of the Team