$HG_F (Copper) 1 Hour Elliott Wave Analysis 7.30.2014

Wave A completed just 1.236 ext of (( a )) – (( b )) and we got the 3 wave pull back that we were anticipating. Metal has hit 61.8 fib retracement of wave A and has enough number of swings in place to call wave B completed. Thus, as per preferred Elliott Wave view we are expecting the metal to trade higher in wave C toward C = A (3.314) and if exceeded C = 1.236 x A (3.34) to end the cycle from 3.168 low. In case of another short-term low, 76.4 fib of A comes at 3.193 but only a break below 3.168 low would negate the extension higher and the current wave count.

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