DeutscheBank Elliott Wave Analysis Still Calling Higher

DeutscheBank Daily 02/21/2017

In September 2016 , the media was calling for the collapse of DeutscheBank as its shares were dropping to new all time lows and Investors were worried about another financial crisis . However in our previous article , we were expecting a recovery for Deutsche Bank stock as the technical picture was pointing to an ending diagonal taking place to finish at least the cycle from 03/14/2016 peak and start a short term bounce . In the recent 4 months , DeutscheBank stock (DB:NYSE) managed to do an … [Read more...]

Starbucks (SBUX) Ending Correction and Turning Bullish

Starbucks daily Elliott Wave Analysis

Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) began the new year slightly below its long-term plan as revenue only improved by 7% and earnings per share rose 11%. The company continues to target earnings growth of between 15% and 20% each year through 2021 with its aggressive expansion plan, which aims to add 12,000 new locations over the next five years to boost its store base by 50%. Consequently , investors shouldn't panic to the short term macro-related weakness and focus on the bigger picture of the … [Read more...]

Can Disney shares break to new all time highs ?

Disney 01.31 Weekly Scenario 2

Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) is one of the strongest players in the entertainment industry on a global scale and it rewarded its investors by a +255% return over the recent decade , more than twice the S&P 500's 95% total return. The company wrapped up its sixth consecutive year of record-high sales and profits with revenue rising 14% and adjusted earnings per share (EPS) soaring 28% mostly driven by the phenomenal success of its movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" .   Although the … [Read more...]

Do you need to worry about Netflix 5 waves move ?

Netflix Paid Memberships

Netflix (NFLX) is an American multinational entertainment company that specializes in streaming media , film and television production , as well as online distribution and DVD by mail. Last week , the company posted its biggest-ever quarterly subscriber growth with 7.05 million new subscribers beating its own expectations of 5.2 million . As we can see in the chart below that Netflix international memberships is the one increasing rapidly helping the company to grow with the recent 5.12 million … [Read more...]

Top Financial Companies Performance

Financial companies sector performance chart

Financial Companies Review In our previous article we made an Overview of the financial sector and we mentioned that the overall performance was below average as most of the Top Financial Companies stocks were in the negative territory since the start of 2016. The acceleration to the upside came during the 4th quarter of the year after the US Election which was as always a driving event as the lows was already in place few days before it . Our Dark horse Comerica ( CMA ) continued its … [Read more...]

Under Armour (Sportswear) Ready for Glory Days

Under Armour ( UAA ) 01.02.2017 Monthly Chart

SportsWear Market Analysis When people talk about Sportswear , you will always hear either Nike or Adidas as they are the most used brands in the world despite other known names like Puma , Asics or Converse . Nike established it self as the world’s leading innovator in sports related footwear, clothing, tools and accessories beating Adidas which is the largest sportswear manufacturer in the European Continent . However in 2014 , Under Armour ( American sports clothing and accessories company ) … [Read more...]